Candidates For Election 2024

Results of the Primary Election Ballot held May 14.

3133 Republican votes, 549 Democratic votes

Source: WV Secretary of State Database

Position Term Candidate Party Comments
**School Board Dist 4 4 years Dylan Beddow Vote for one from each Dist
                             Dist 4 Chuck Bergan
                             Dist 2 John Rowland Incumbent
     This election will decide these positions for the school board.
County Commission 6 years Sean Forney R Incumbent
Assessor 4 years Debbie Weaver R Incumbent
Sheriff 4 years Johnnie Walter R
Brock Vanorsdale R
Prosecuting Attorney 4 years Dan James R Incumbent
**Magistrate Judge Div 2 4 years KC Bohrer Vote for one from each Div
                                   Div 2 Debra Ditto
                                   Div 2 Michael Sullivan
                                   Div 1 Keith Knotts
                                   Div 1 Greg Miller Incumbent
                                   Div 1 Angie Schmidt
House of Delegates  89 2 years Alyson Reeves D
    (western Morgan) Darren Thorne R Incumbent
House of Delegates  90 2 years George Miller R Incumbent
    (eastern Morgan) Mike Riccio R
State Senator District 15 4 years Anthony Murray D
Craig Blair R Incumbent
Michael Folk R
Tom Willis R
Supreme Court Justice Div 1 12 years Haley Bunn Vote for one from each Div
                                         Div 2 Charles Trump IV
Intermediate Court of Appeals S. Ryan White
State Attorney General 4 years  John McCuskey R
Teresa Toriseva D
Agricultural Commissioner 4 years Kent Leonhardt R Incumbent
Deborah Stiles D
State Treasurer 4 years Larry Pack R
Secretary of State 4 years Thornton Cooper D
Ken Reed R
Kris Warner R
State Auditor 4 years Mary Ann Claytor D
Mark Hunt R
Governor 4 years Patrick Morrisey R
Steve Williams D
Mac Warner R
U.S. House of Reps Dist 2 2 years Steven Wendelin D
Riley Moore R
U.S. Senate 6 years Glenn Elliott D
Zach Schrewsbury D
Jim Justice R
Alexander Mooney R
U.S. President 4 years Joe Biden D
Jill Stein Mountain
Donald J Trump R


** These seats are non-partisan. All others must declare party affiliation.

Circuit Court positions are not listed as there are no contested seats in our districts.