You can contribute to the national party campaign funds and let them put the money where they determine it will do the most good. This is better than guessing.

Democratic Senate Campaign Committee:

Democratic House Campaign Committee:

U.S. Senate

Democrats have a good chance of keeping the Senate and even adding a couple seats.

If we hold onto the Democratic Senate seats we have, and add two, we will have 52 to 48 majority.

Please support candidates financially and by volunteering! Click the links for more information and to contribute to their campaigns.

U.S. Senate – ranked by likelihood of winning. See for up-to-date rankings.

Georgia – Keep
Incumbent Raphael Warnock (D) is in a dead heat with Hershel Walker (R). This is a seat we gained in 2020. Info/Donate

John Fetterman (D) has a small lead over Mehmet Oz (R) over a seat vacated by Pat Toomey (R). This is  a vital state for a Senate seat pickup. Info/Donate

Tim Ryan (D) is in a heated race with J.D. Vance. Polls are mixed. Ryan is out raising Vance by wide margins, but Ohio tends Republican. Seat was vacated by Rob Portman (R). This is  a vital state for a Senate seat pickup. Info/Donate

Nevada – Keep
Incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto (D) has a razor thin lead over Adam Laxalt (R). Info/Donate

Arizona – Keep
Incumbent Mark Kelly (D) has a small lead over Blake Masters (R). Info/Donate

New Hampshire – Keep
Incumbent Maggie Hassan (D) has a small lead over Kelly Ayotte (R). Info/Donate

U.S. House of Representatives

In West Virginia, please support Barry Wendell for House District 2
Barry Wendell for Congress, PO Box 831 Morgantown, WV 26507

An assessment of House races is at Scroll down the page to see the 50 closest races.

Democratic House Campaign Committee: